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Interesting Video For Street Photographers

via Eric Kim blog

Quite an interesting post by Eric Kim on how to react to confrontation in Street Photography.

Well its good if you are aware about Photography laws of your country. In US you can take the picture in public place until and unless it is not for commercial use as Eric mentioned it in this video but I am not sure about Indian Laws for Photography. If anybody knows about it let us know.

Beautiful Earth or Magical Photoshop

via Gizmodo

This is the most famous earth image as it is the iPhone default image. Know about the truth behind this image in link below.

Truth about Beautiful, Fake Earth

WordPress for Photographers

Get ready for the WordPress workshop on Creative Live by Justin Seeley this month. If you want to showcase your work online, want to have your own blog/website but don’t know how to do it. This is a good opportunity to learn about starting a photography blog. You will get to learn a lot in these 3 days. If you are really interested in it get yourself registered for the course. You don’t have to be a computer geek to learn all this. And the best thing about this course is its absolutely FREE .

Composite Photography by Joel Grimes

This guy do some wonderful composites. In this video Joel will tell you bit about his photographic life and he also explains composite photography he do. Well you need to watch this as it as has got some useful tips.


*Alert : It is not a short video

Fujifilm X10 Preview

X10 was a kind of surprise after X100. It might not have sensor as big as X100 but it has got its own market to target. Can’t say anything about how successful this camera will be. For now check this hands-on preview by dpreview website.

LYTRO : Will it be a game changer

It seems interesting and definitely a game changer. Only thing which concerns me is the image quality. Well for that I think we have to wait for the launch. For now watch this ‘ WOW ‘


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Sip Your Coffee
Watch it
Implement it